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(2020/01/16 14:15 HKT)

The "Astronomical, Geographic and Meteorological Events of 2019" has concluded. Thank you for your support. A total of 80 votes were received this year, and the top three events are listed below:

  • Rank #1: Cyclone WIPHA became the tropical cyclone farthest away from HK in decades to necessitate the #8 Signal (53 votes; 66.25%)
  • Rank #2: At 11.4 degrees, January 1 was the only cold day in 2019 (51 votes; 63.75%)
  • Rank #3: The winter of 2018-19 was the warmest on record in Hong Kong (49 votes; 61.25%)
Please click here for the ranking of other events.

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+Click to view cold/very cold places

At 13:40 , the following place was very cold:
Tai Mo Shan: 6.1°C

At 13:40 , the following places were cold:
Ngong Ping: 9.5°CTate's Cairn: 11.2°C

Earthquake Info

+M 6.1 - 57km SE of East End, Cayman Islands

UTC Time: Tue 2020/01/28 21:55:16
Local Time: Tue 2020/01/28 16:55:16
HK Time: Wed 2020/01/29 05:55:16

Location: 18.95N 80.71W; Magnitude: 6.1
15,142 km from HK
Depth: 10 km

+M 7.7 - 125km NNW of Lucea, Jamaica

UTC Time: Tue 2020/01/28 19:10:25
Local Time: Tue 2020/01/28 14:10:25
HK Time: Wed 2020/01/29 03:10:25

Location: 19.44N 78.75W; Magnitude: 7.7
15,156 km from HK
Depth: 10 km

Weather Details around Hong Kong [Details] [HKO link]

Regional Weather of Hong Kong

Tropical Cyclone Information [Details] [HKO link]

Tropical Cyclone Track

Real-time Weather Photos [Details] [HKO link]

The following photo shows the real-time view of Victoria Harbour, as viewed from Central towards the east.

Real-time photo at Central

Astronomical / Tidal Information [Details] [HKO link]

Info for 29/01/2020 (Wednesday):
Astro. Info
Sunrise:07:0306:160.66 m
Sunset:18:0913:281.49 m
Moonrise:09:5317:281.19 m
Moonset:21:5523:352.04 m

Planetary phenomena in the coming week:
Jan 30, 05:28 HKT: Moon Apogee: 405400 km
Feb 02, 09:42 HKT: First Quarter
(Source: NASA)

Weather at a Glance [Details] [HKO link]

Weather at a Glance Data as of 13:40 on 29/1/2020

15.2 C 43 % 1019.3 hPa
All measurements taken at Hong Kong Observatory
HKO Temp.:15.2 C
RH.: 43 %
Apparent Temp.:15.2 C
Dew Point:2.7 C
Temp. of today:16.5 / 11.0 C (Range 5.5 C)
Mean SLP.:1019.3 hPa
King's Park Wind:10 km/h (N)
UV:4 (Moderate)
Rain:0.0 mm (past 15 min)

Upper-Level Weather Information [Details]

Data as of 08:00 HKT on 29/1/2020 - Level of instability:

Delta P Values

At 2020/01/29 11 HKT: [Explanation] [Values for the past 10 days]

Delta p(972) = 6.1 (15-18 hours)
Delta p(S) = 0.9

3-day Weather Forecast [Click for 9-day] [HKO link]

3-day Weather Forecast Data as of 11:30 HKT 29/Jan/2020

General Situation: The winter monsoon will continue to bring cold and dry weather to southern China in the next couple of days. It will be generally fine over the region. Temperature difference between day and night will be relatively large over inland areas. An easterly airstream is expected to affect the coast of Guangdong during the weekend to early next week. Temperatures will rise and it will become cloudier gradually over the region. Another surge of the monsoon will bring cooler weather to southern China midweek next week.

30/1 (Thu)

Fine. Cold in the morning. Very dry during the day.

Fine and dry. Cold in the morning.

Sunny periods. Cool in the morning.
Wind N to NE force 3 to 4, occasionally force 5 offshore at first. E to NE force 4, force 5 offshore later. E force 4 to 5.
11 - 18 °C
12 - 18 °C
14 - 18 °C
35 - 70 %
45 - 75 %
65 - 85 %

Extended Temperature Outlook [HKO link]

Maximum temperature:

Maximum temperature

Minimum temperature:

Maximum temperature

Weather Conditions in South China Sea [Details] [HKO link]

Satellite / Radar Images [Details]

Radar: 256 km range

Radar: 128 km range

Radar: 64 km range

Satellite: IR imagery*

* The Satellite imagery above is taken by Himawari-8 operated by the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA).

Aviation Weather Observation Report [HKO link]

HK International Airport METAR report Data as of 13:30 HKT on 29 Jan 20

Original code: METAR VHHH 290530Z 33009KT 300V360 CAVOK 14/01 Q1020 NOSIG=

Wind Visibility WeatherCloud BaseTemperature Dew Point Pressure (QNH)
9 knots from 330 degrees (NNW), variability: 300-360 degrees
10 km or above
No significant weather
No cloud below 5000 feet,
no cumulonimbus.
14 oC
1 oC
1020 hPa

Next Two Hours Change
No Significant Change

Meteorological Calculation

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B. Calculation of distance between places on Earth

Place 1:     Lat :   Long :
Place 2:     Lat :   Long :

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