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Quick Links:
- Official TC Sites - Past TC Information
- Other Sites with Current TC Information - ENSO Information / Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO)
- Advanced TC Sites (Analysis) - Sea Surface Temperature
- Advanced TC Forecast  

Links to TC Sites

Official TC Sites
Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) Issues bulletins every 12, 3 or 1 hour(s) depending on the position of the TC.
Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) TC-naming agency in NW Pacific. Issues bulletins every 3 hours.
Central Weather Bureau (CWB) Issues bulletins every 6 hours (0, 6, 12, 18 UTC). Forecasts only positions but not intensities.
Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) A US Navy site. Issues bulletins every 6 hours (0, 6, 12, 18 UTC).
Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) The official meteorological agency of Korea.
National Meteorological Center (NMC) The official meteorological agency of China.
Other Sites with Current TC Information (Tracks / Advisories)
NRL Tropical Cyclone Page
FNMOC Satellite Data Tropical Cyclone Page
Both are US Navy sites. Track information comes from JTWC. Both have lots of satellite imageries for reference.
CWB Adverse Weather Monitoring System (lit.) Provides data during adverse weather (in Taiwan).
Weather Underground Provides TC information all over the world.
Currently Active Tropical Cyclones (NOAA) Provides a lot of information about currently active TCs worldwide and TC archive.
NOAA TC Position and Intensity Page Provides location and intensities (in T-numbers) of TCs all over the world.
Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (CIMSS)
- ADT Intensity Estimates
Information comes from JTWC, but presented in a different way. A TC interest site in the Philippines. Mainly serves NW Pacific.
Digital Typhoon TC site with comprehensive TC information and satellite images.
Tropical Storm Risk Contains comprehensive information on current TCs.
Met Office Tropical Cyclone Page TC page from Met Office, UK.
Advanced TC Sites (Analysis)
ASCAT Storm Page Shows the current and past wind vector images of tropical cyclones.
Tropical Cyclones Worldwide
- Strike Probabilities Page
Again information from JTWC. However this site has a strike probability calculation for major cities around the world.

Remote Sensing Systems

Provides a time series of TC wind speed/pressure, wind vector map, TC track, rainfall rate and other information for present and past TCs.
CIMSS Winds / Analyses and Steering flow charts
CIMSS Morphed Integrated Microwave Imagery (MIMIC)
Winds, Analyses and Steering flow charts: Provide images that assist in predicting TC formation and tracks.
MIMIC: Assists in TC positioning using microwave imageries and helps analyze past movement trend.
JTWC TCFA Checklist Contains a list of criteria to determine when a TCFA is to be issued.
Advanced TC Forecast

NCEP/EMC Cyclogenesis Tracking Page

An NOAA site that monitors potential TC formation.
NCEP/EMC Hurricane Weather Research and Forecast System Provides TC forecast guidance on current/past TCs.
Forecasts of TC Positions and Intensities from different models A comparison of TC tracks and intensities from different models.
Tropical Tidbits A collection of forecast charts based on different models. Link defaults to ECMWF model, but others can be selected through the "Global" tab on the page.
Maximum Potential Hurricane Intensity Predicts the potential intensity of tropical cyclones worldwide based on current information.
Past TC Information
Past JTWC tracks and summaries Shows all past JTWC advisories and tracks.
JTWC Best Track Data Documents here contain the best track data of TCs over the world.
Unisys Past TC Tracks Contains TC tracks that are drawn from JTWC best track data.
CIMSS Tropical Cyclone Data Archive Another site that contains TC tracks drawn from JTWC best track data.
Digital Typhoon Provides past TC satellite images since 1981.
HKO TC Warning Signals Database Shows each instance of issuance of TC Signals in Hong Kong.
HKO TC Page Contains information of TCs and publications of past TCs.
CWB Typhoon Auxiliary Forecasting System (lit.) Analyses tracks of past TCs that struck Taiwan.
ENSO Information / Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO)
ENSO Wrap-Up (BoM) A description of the current ENSO status issued by the BoM, Australia.
SOI Values (Graphs, Figures) Shows past southern oscillation index (SOI) from BoM archives.
Preliminary SOI Values Shows SOI values for the past 30 days. Updated daily (except public holidays) and equipped with an archive of past SOI values up to year 1887.
BoM MJO Site
- Phase Diagram for: Last 40 days and Last 90 days
Contains comprehensive research on MJO and relevant statistics.
Sea Surface Temperature
SSEC Sea Surface Temperature (Worldwide) Shows latest sea surface temperature.
Oceanweather Inc. Marine Data
- NW Pacific
- South China Sea
Shows latest sea surface temperature (and some other marine data) of different areas of the Northwest Pacific Ocean.

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