2016 年天文、地理及氣象大事選舉
"Astronomical, Geographic and Meteorological Events of 2016" Election

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2016 年天文、地理及氣象大事選舉 'Astronomical, Geographic and Meteorological Events of 2016' Election


歡迎!請投選你心目中 2016 年度的天文、地理及氣象大事 (最少1項,最多12項):本選舉已於2017年1月24日23時59分結束。
Welcome! Please select at most 12 events that, in your opinion, are the most significant in 2016: The poll was closed on 2017/01/24 at 23:59.

1月份 :: January
5日 / 5th: 一個高空擾動影響香港,本港多處錄得超過 30 毫米雨量。天文台當天下午 1 至 2 時錄得有紀錄以來當月最高時雨量 37 毫米。是次降雨亦令天文台發出黃色暴雨警告,是自 1992 年暴雨警告系統開始運作以來最早發出的一次。An upper-air disturbance affected Hong Kong and brought more than 30 mm of rainfall to many parts of the territory. The 37 mm/hr rate recorded at the Observatory between 1 pm and 2 pm was the highest hourly rainfall for January on record. The Amber Rainstorm Warning was issued, the earliest since the rainstorm warning system commenced operation in 1992.
11及14日 / 11 and 14th: 颶風 Pali 於 1 月 11 日成為中太平洋有紀錄以來最早形成的颶風,而颶風 Alex 則於 1 月 14 日成為北大西洋自 1938 年以來最早形成的颶風。Hurricane Pali became the earliest hurricane on record in the central Pacific Ocean on January 11, while Hurricane Alex was the first in the north Atlantic Ocean on January 14 since 1938.
24日 / 24th: 一股強烈寒潮到達華南,香港天文台當天下午錄得最低氣溫 3.1 度,是自 1957 年以來的最低溫度,亦為有紀錄以來的第六低溫。天文台亦錄得海平面氣壓 1037.7 百帕,打破先前紀錄。大帽山氣溫下降至 -6.0 度,並有凍雨及冰粒報告。An intense surge of northeast monsoon reached southern China. A minimum air temperature of 3.1 degrees was recorded at the HK Observatory in the afternoon, making it the coldest day since 1957 and the sixth coldest on record. A record-high mean sea-level pressure of 1037.7 hPa was also registered. The mercury reached -6.0 degrees at Tai Mo Shan; freezing rain and ice pellets were observed.
1月 / January: 香港天文台錄得一月總雨量 266.9 毫米,是正常 24.7 毫米的 10 倍,打破於 1887 年 214.3 毫米的紀錄。A total rainfall of 266.9 mm was recorded at the HK Observatory in January, ten times the monthly normal of 24.7 mm and easily breaking the previous record of 214.3 mm set in 1887.
2月份 :: February
6日 / 6th: 台灣南部發生 6.4 級地震,造成 117 人死亡,當中大多數是由於一住宅樓宇倒塌致死。香港天文台共收到超過 100 宗有感地震報告,是次地震於香港的烈度為修訂麥加利烈度表中的第 IV 度。A 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck southern Taiwan, resulting in 117 deaths. Most of the victims were killed when a residential building collapsed. The HK Observatory received more than 100 reports of felt tremor; the earthquake was rated IV on the modified Mercalli intensity scale.
20日 / 20th: 熱帶氣旋 Winston 成為五級風暴,為有史以來登陸斐濟最強的熱帶氣旋,並造成該國 44 人死亡,損失約達 14 億美元。As a category 5 system, tropical cyclone Winston was the strongest to make landfall in Fiji in recorded history. There were 44 deaths in the archipelago and the total damage was estimated at 1.4 billion US dollars.
3月份 :: March
3日 / 3rd: 天文學家宣布哈勃太空望遠鏡發現迄今距離地球最遠的星系 GN-z11,其距離約為 320 億光年。Astronomers announced the discovery of GN-z11 by the Hubble Space Telescope. At a distance of about 32 billion light-years, GN-z11 is the remotest galaxy yet discovered.
9日 / 9th: 一次日全食於當天發生,全食於印尼可見,而香港則出現日偏食。A total solar eclipse occurred, with totality observable in Indonesia. It appeared as a partial eclipse in Hong Kong.
4月份 :: April
12日 / 12th: 英國宇宙學家霍金及俄羅斯富豪米爾納宣布發動「突破星擊」計畫,研究發射微型太空船到南門二,即太陽系外最接近地球的星系。The 'Breakthrough Starshot' project, an effort to plan a trip to the closest star outside the solar system, Alpha Centauri, was announced by British cosmologist Stephen Hawking and Russian billionaire Yuri Milner.
16日 / 16th: 日本及厄瓜多爾先後發生 7.0 及 7.8 級地震,分別造成 41 及 668 人死亡。Successive earthquakes of magnitudes 7.0 and 7.8 struck Japan and Ecuador, with respective death tolls of 41 and 668.
4月 / April: 多國出現洪澇災害,其中包括月初於巴基斯坦及埃塞俄比亞的水浸分別造成 71 及 28 人死亡,以及美國休斯敦及鄰近地區於月中受廣泛降水影響。Flooding hit various countries, including Pakistan and Ethiopia in early April resulting in 71 and 28 deaths, respectively, and in Houston, US and adjacent areas in mid-April.
4月 / April: 本港四月極其潮濕陰暗,平均相對濕度達破紀錄的 89%,而總日照時間只有 55.4 小時,是正常的 54%。The month of April was exceptionally humid and gloomy, with a mean relative humidity of 89% that broke previous records and a sunshine duration of only 55.4 hours, 54% of the normal figure.
4至5月 / April and May: 數國受熱浪侵襲,馬來西亞及印度氣溫分別達 37 及 40 度,而印度拉賈斯坦邦更於 5 月 20 日錄得破紀錄的 51 度。極端天氣估計是與剛過去的厄爾尼諾現象有關。Heat wave affected several countries, with Malaysia reaching 37 degrees and 40 degrees in India. A record-breaking temperature of 51 degrees was recorded in the Indian state of Rajasthan on May 20. The extreme weather is believed to be the effect of the recent El Nino episode.
5月份 :: May
9日 / 9th: 一次水星凌日於當天發生,於非、美、歐及亞洲大部分地區可見,但於香港未能看到。A transit of Mercury occurred. It was visible from Africa, the Americas, Europe and most of Asia, but excluding Hong Kong.
10日 / 10th: 一道低壓槽為本港帶來超過 70 毫米雨量,天文台於早上兩度發出紅色暴雨警告,其中首次於上午 7 時 35 分發出,而教育局於 7 時 40 分宣布所有中小學停課。由於當時正值學生上學時間,部分市民批評天文台的做法。A trough of low pressure yielded more than 70 mm of rainfall in Hong Kong; the Red Rainstorm Warning was issued twice in the morning. The Observatory faced criticism for issuing the first such warning at 7:35 am, when most students are on their way to the school. The Education Bureau announced school closure at 7:40 am.
18日 / 18th: 氣旋 Roanu 於斯里蘭卡及孟加拉觸發山泥傾瀉及水浸。斯里蘭卡於系統過後連日下雨,令水災災情加劇。Cyclone Roanu triggered landslides and flooding in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. In Sri Lanka, the flooding was excerbated by several days of heavy rain following the passage of the system.
5至6月 / May and June: 受持續降雨影響,歐洲多國及華南分別於 5 月底至 6 月初,以及 6 月底出現水浸。兩事件共造成超過 180 人死亡。Persistent rainfall led to flooding in several European countries in late May to early June, and in southern China in late June. A total of 180 people lost their lives in the two events.
6月份 :: June
22日 / 22nd: 江蘇鹽城市受一股達 EF4 強度的龍捲風及其伴隨的雹暴侵襲,造成 99 人死亡。A EF4 tornado and the associated heavy hailstorm hit Yancheng, Jiangsu, killing 99 people.
23日 / 23rd: 香港天文台延長提供實時天氣照片的時段,由先前的上午 5 時至下午 9 時擴展至全日 24 小時。The HK Observatory started providing real-time weather photos round the clock, extending from the previous operating hours of 5 am to 9 pm every day.
6、7及10月 / June, July and October: 香港天文台錄得六月平均氣溫為 29.4 度,比正常高 1.5 度,為有紀錄以來第二高。在沒有熱帶氣旋影響下,天文台於 6 月 24 至 27 日連續 4 天高溫達 35.0 度,打破之前 1963 年 5 月 30 至 6 月 1 日連續三天的紀錄。此外,七月及十月的平均溫度分別為 29.8 及 26.8 度,均為此兩月份的最高紀錄。The mean air temperature at the HK Observatory in June was 29.4 degrees, 1.5 degrees higher than normal and was the second highest on record. Without the effect of tropical cyclones, the maximum temperature at the Observatory surpassed 35.0 degrees for four consecutive days between June 24 and 27, breaking the old record of three days between May 30 and June 1, 1963. The mean temperatures of 29.8 and 26.8 degrees in July and October were also the highest on record for the respective months.
7月份 :: July
9日 / 9th: 颱風尼伯特吹襲台灣南部及福建省,造成約 100 人死亡。受尼伯特外圍環流的下沉空氣影響,香港天氣酷熱,7 月 9 日天文台錄得最高氣溫 35.6 度,是有紀錄以來 7 月份的第二高。Typhoon Nepartak impacted southern Taiwan and Fujian province, resulting in almost 100 deaths. Affected by the subsidence associated with Nepartak, it was very hot in Hong Kong; a maximum air temperature of 35.6 degrees was recorded at the HK Observatory on July 9, the second highest in July on record.
28日 / 28th: 香港天文台推出「局部地區大雨報告」服務,當雨勢較為局部及未擴展至香港廣泛地區並達至需要發出紅色或黑色暴雨警告信號的指標時提供較詳細資訊。The HK Observatory launched the 'Announcement of Localised Heavy Rain' service, providing more information on localised rainfall that may not necessitate a rainstorm warning signal.
8月份 :: August
2日 / 2nd: 颱風妮妲靠近華南,於大鵬半島登陸,並於香港天文台 40 公里外掠過。八號烈風及暴風信號於 8 月 1 日晚及 2 日早上生效。風暴於香港造成至少 12 人受傷。Typhoon Nida approached southern China and made landfall at Dapeng Peninsula, skirting past the HK Observatory at a distance of 40 km. The #8 Gale or Storm Signal was issued during the night of August 1 and morning of August 2. At least 12 people were injured in the territory.
17至18日 / 17th and 18th: 受位於南海的一個季風低壓影響,香港天氣不穩定。該系統於當天發展為熱帶低氣壓,並於翌日增強為熱帶風暴電母。天文台於 17 日分別發出一號戒備及三號強風信號。電母其後進入北部灣並登陸越南北部,為該區帶來暴雨。Affected by a monsoon depression in the South China Sea, the weather in Hong Kong was unstable. The system developed into a tropical depression on August 17 and intensified into tropical storm Dianmu the next day. The HK Observatory issued the #1 Standby Signal and later the #3 Strong Wind Signal on August 17. Dianmu later moved into the Gulf of Tonkin and made landfall at northern Vietnam, brining torrential rain to the region.
24日 / 24th: 意大利中部發生 6.2 級淺層地震,造成 299 人死亡。該國於 10 月底再遭受地震災害,其中一次更達 6.5 級。A 6.2-magnitude shallow earthquake struck central Italy, resulting in 299 deaths. Another series of earthquakes hit the country in late October, one of which reached magnitude 6.5.
8月 / August: 熱帶氣旋康森、燦都及蒲公英接連登陸北海道,是該地自 1951 年有紀錄以來首次一年受三個熱帶氣旋侵襲。Tropical cyclones Conson, Chanthu and Mindulle made landfall in Hokkaido. This is the first time the region is struck by three tropical cyclones in a year since records began in 1951.
9月份 :: September
14日 / 14th: 颱風莫蘭蒂增強至相當於五級颶風的強度,橫過呂宋海峽及台灣海峽,並於 9 月 15 日登陸福建省。以最低氣壓計算,莫蘭蒂成為自 2010 年的鮎魚以來之最強颱風。莫蘭蒂亦為有史以來登陸福建最強的颱風,共造成當地 30 人死亡,經濟損失達 26 億美元。雖然莫蘭蒂距離香港較遠,天文台亦對其發出一號戒備信號。Typhoon Meranti became the strongest typhoon since Megi in 2010 by pressure as it intensified into a category-5 equivalent typhoon and crossed Luzon and Taiwan Strait, making landfall in Fujian on September 15. It was the strongest typhoon to make landfall in Fujian in recorded history; 30 lives were lost and damage amounted to around 2.6 billion US dollars. Despite its distance from Hong Kong, the #1 Standby Signal was issued.
25日 / 25th: 位於貴州的五百米口徑球面無線電望遠鏡成為世界上最大的單面口徑球面無線電望遠鏡。China's Five hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope in Guizhou province became the world's largest filled-aperture radio telescope.
27日 / 27th: 熱帶氣旋鮎魚吹襲台灣,其相關下沉氣流令香港天氣酷熱,天文台錄得最高氣溫 34.9 度,是有紀錄以來 9 月份的第二高。鮎魚亦令天文台於 9 月 28 日發出一號戒備信號。Tropical cyclone Megi approached Taiwan; its subsidence resulted in very hot weather in Hong Kong, with a maximum air temperature of 34.9 recorded at the HK Observatory, the second highest in September on record. Megi also necessitated the #1 Standby Signal on September 28.
30日 / 30th: 颶風 Matthew 增強為自 2007 年以來北大西洋的首個五級颶風。雖然風暴其後減弱,但它為沿途地區帶來重大破壞,海地有至少 1000 人喪生。Hurricane Matthew intensified into a category 5 hurricane, the first to attain such category in north Atlantic Ocean since 2007. Despite its subsequent weakening, the storm inflicted serious damage along its path. At least 1,000 people were killed at Haiti.
30日 / 30th: 羅塞塔號探測器結束其 12 年研究67P/楚留莫夫-格拉希門克彗星的使命,於當天墜落於該彗星表面。The Rosetta space probe ended its 12-year mission studying comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko by colliding onto the comet's surface.
10月份 :: October
10月上中旬 / Early to mid-October: 由於流場偏弱,熱帶風暴艾利於南海徘徊並作不規則移動。香港天文台於 10 月 6 日發出一號戒備信號。風暴於 8 日減弱並移離,但其後於 13 日在越南對開海域重新發展。Due to weak steering flow, tropical storm Aere lingered in northern South China Sea and moved erratically. The #1 Standby Signal was issued in Hong Kong on October 6. It weakened and moved away slowly on October 8, but later regenerated off the coast of Vietnam on October 13.
10月中下旬 / Mid- to late October: 颱風莎莉嘉及海馬於 10 月較後時間相繼影響香港。雖然莎莉嘉橫過南海時緯度較低,但仍令天文台發出三號強風信號,並引發大雨,黑色暴雨警告於 10 月 19 日生效,這是該信號首次於 10 月發出。其後,海馬橫過呂宋北部並於南海轉向,於香港以東約 110 公里外登陸,天文台於 21 年來首次在 10 月發出八號烈風或暴風信號。Typhoons Sarika and Haima affected Hong Kong in the latter parts of October. While Sarika crossed the South China Sea at a relatively low latitude, it necessitated the #3 Strong Wind Signal and triggered heavy rain that caused the Black Rainstorm Warning to be issued on October 19. It was the first such issuance ever in October. Meanwhile, Haima impacted northern Luzon and gradually recurved in South China Sea, making landfall about 110 km east of the territory. The #8 Gale or Storm Signal was issued for the first time in October in 21 years.
11月份 :: November
14日 / 14th: 紐西蘭基督城以北發生 7.8 級地震,造成 2 人死亡,並為首都威靈頓帶來破壞。A 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck north of Christchurch, New Zealand, resulting in 2 deaths and some damage in the capital city Wellington.
14日 / 14th: 當天的滿月是為自 1948 年以來最接近地球的一次,此「超級月亮」比一般的滿月大接近 7%。The full moon was the closest to Earth since 1948. This 'supermoon' was around 7% larger than the typical full moon.
12月份 :: December
17日 / 17th: 巴布亞新畿內亞以東發生 7.9 級地震,並引發海嘯警報。此為 2016 年最猛烈的地震,但其破壞相對較微。A 7.9-magnitude earthquake hit east of Papua New Guinea, triggering a tsunami warning. This was the strongest earthquake in 2016 by magnitude but the damage was relatively minor.
23日 / 23rd: 北海道遭受 50 年以來最強的暴雪侵襲,札幌錄得 96 厘米降雪,空中交通大受影響。Hokkaido was struck by the heaviest snowstorm in 50 years, with 96 cm of snowfall recorded at Sapporo and serious disruption to air traffic.
其他 :: Others
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