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2013 年天文、地理及氣象大事選舉

The Poll 關於是次選舉

This is the sixth annual "Astronomical, Geographic and Meteorological Events of the Year" election held by Hong Kong Weather Watch (HKWW). 41 astronomical, geographic and meteorological events during 2013 were selected and members of the public could cast their votes on up to 14 incidents (i.e. one-third) that, in their opinions, were the most significant. Apart from the 41 selected events, voters could also make use of the "Others" column to suggest some other events that were not on the list.

In addition to HKWW, eight other meteorological websites also participated in the election by including a link to the voting page in their sites. They include (in alphabetical order):

We would like to thank the above websites for their support in this event, and HKSON for creating the banner for this election.

這是香港天氣觀測站第六年舉辦年度天文、地理及氣象大事選舉。我們於 2013 年發生的天文、地理及氣象事件中挑選出 41 件大事以供投選,而投票人士最多可選出 14 項 (即三份之一) 他們認為該年裡最重要的事件。除了已挑選出來的 41 項事件外,投票者亦可利用 "其他" 一欄來投選不在表中的事件。除本站外,還有 8 個與氣象相關的網站參與本選舉,它們均在站內放進投票頁的超連結。該 8 個網站分別為 (以英文字母排序) :

本站在此對上述參與網站致以謝意,亦感謝 HKSON 製作是次選舉所用的橫幅。

Voting Period 投票期

In this year (2013)'s election, the voting period lasted for 22 days; it commenced at 00:00 HKT on 1st January, 2014 and concluded at 23:59 HKT on 22nd January, 2014.

2013 年天文、地理及氣象大事選舉的投票期由 2014 年 1 月 1 日 香港時間 00:00 至 2014 年 1 月 22 日 香港時間 23:59,為期 22 天。

The 41 Selected Events in This Year's Poll 本年所選出的 41 項事件

Please visit here for the events in chronological order.

請按這裡以瀏覽該 41 項事件 (按時間先後排序)。

Results of the Election 選舉結果

In this year's election, eight votes go to "Others" column (of which two are invalid and discarded in subsequent presentation). Those votes are listed in a separate table below. 在本次選舉中,"其他" 一欄共佔八票,其中兩票無效,下列數據已經撇除無效票。該八票的分布詳見下表。

Number of voters 投票人數 : 200
Total number of events selected1 總事件選擇數1: 1,862
Average number of events selected per person 人均事件選擇數 : 9.31

In the table below, events are listed in chronological order should ties occur. 在下表中,如某些事件名次得票相同,它們將以發生時間順序排列。

The 41 selected events listed in the voting page: 投票頁顯示之 41 件事件 : [Click here for bar chart (Chinese only) 按此顯示棒形圖]

As in last year, the top three events are all related to tropical cyclones. Super typhoon HAIYAN's enormous strength and its effects make it the most popular event of the year, followed by two tropical cyclones that affected southern China. 和去年一樣,本年度首三位事件均與熱帶氣旋有關。超強颱風海燕的強勁風速及影響使其成為本年最觸目的事件,而緊隨其後的則為兩個影響華南的熱帶氣旋。

# of votes

11月8日: 聯合颱風警報中心估計超強颱風海燕風速達 170 節,成為有紀錄以來登陸時最強的熱帶氣旋。海燕於菲律賓造成最少六千人死亡。

Nov 8: Super Typhoon Haiyan was assessed a 170-knot system by the JTWC. It became the strongest landfalling tropical cyclone on record and resulted in more than 6,000 deaths in the Philippines.

172 86.00

9月22日: 曾達五級強度、被美國稱為「怪獸風暴」的超強颱風天兔吹襲華南,天文台再次發出八號烈風及暴風信號,最終天兔於天文台總部以北約 80 公里掠過。受天兔的下沉氣流影響,天文台於前一日錄得最高溫度 34.7 度,是自 1969 年來九月份最高氣溫,而當天的平均溫度 31.2 度亦與另外兩天並列為九月最高。

Sep 22: Having reached category 5 and being dubbed by the US as a 'monster storm', Super Typhoon Usagi hit southern China. The Observatory issued the No. 8 Gale or Storm Signal again, and the storm eventually passed 80 km north of the Observatory headquarters. Affected by Usagi's subsidence, the Observatory recorded a maximum temperature of 34.7 degrees a day earlier, the highest in September since 1969. The average temperature of 31.2 degrees on that day tied with two other days as the highest on record.

165 82.50

8月14日: 超強颱風尤特登陸菲律賓後進入南海,天文台發出本年首個八號烈風及暴風信號,尤特登陸廣東西部後良久未消散,華南災情嚴重。

Aug 14: Super Typhoon Utor entered the South China Sea after crossing the Philippines. The Observatory issued the first No. 8 Gale or Storm Signal this year. Utor remained inland for some time before eventual dissipation, leading to severe damage and casualties in southern China.

114 57.00

5月22日: 一道低壓槽於華南徘徊,今晨香港持續受暴雨影響,天文台發出近三年來首個黑色暴雨警告信號,西貢於凌晨更曾錄得一小時雨量達 150 毫米。

May 22: A trough of low pressure lingered around southern China, leading to torrential rain in the territory today morning. The Observatory issued the first Black Rainstorm Warning in nearly three years. Sai Kung once recorded 150 mm of rain in an hour that day.

109 54.50

11月1日: 颱風羅莎進入南海北部,天文台發出 7 年來首個於 11 月生效的一號戒備信號。羅莎最終被東北季候風擊退,並未對香港構成嚴重影響。

Nov 1: Typhoon Krosa entered northern South China Sea, and the Observatory issued the first November No. 1 Standby Signal in 7 years. Krosa was eventually defeated by the northeast monsoon without causing much impact to Hong Kong.

96 48.00

2月15日: 一塊流星墜落俄羅斯車裡雅賓斯克市,在空中爆炸後產生的震波打破窗戶,約 1,500 人受傷。

Feb 15: A meteor broke up in the vicinity of the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia. Around 1,500 people were injured from the shattering of windows caused by the shockwaves and the debris.

88 44.00

5月2日: 一股強烈東北季候風罕有地於五月影響本港,天文台錄得 16.6 度低溫,是自 1917 年以來五月份最低紀錄。

May 2: A rare strong northeast monsoon affected Hong Kong in May, causing the mercury to reach 16.6 degrees at the Observatory, the lowest in May since 1917.

86 43.00

11月: 熱帶低氣壓 30W 於 11 月 3 日形成,它登陸越南後減弱,但於孟加拉灣再次增強,並以熱帶風暴強度於 16 日登陸印度南部。它之後再度減弱,但其殘餘繼續西移,最終於 23 日在索馬里對開的索科特拉島附近消散。此風暴及其殘餘橫越逾六分一地球距離,於中、東亞較為少見。

Nov: Tropical depression 30W formed on November 3. It weakened after making landfall at Vietnam, but re-intensified in the Bay of Bengel and made landfall at southern India on November 16 as a tropical storm. The storm weakened again but its remnants continued to drift westwards. It eventually dissipated on November 23 near Socotra Island, just off the coast of Somalia. This cyclone travelled 1/6 of the Earth's circumference, and such occurrence is relatively rare in central and eastern Asia.

76 38.00

12月13日: 寒流吹襲中東地區,埃及開羅氣溫降至 2 度,並出現 112 年來首次降雪。

Dec 13: A cold snap affected the Middle East. The temperature at Cairo, Egypt dipped to 2 degrees, and the city experienced the first snowfall in 112 years.

75 37.50

12月30日: 環境保護署開始利用空氣質素健康指數 (AQHI) 來量度本港空氣污染情況,取代沿用 18 年的空氣污染指數 (API)。

Dec 30: The Environmental Protection Department started measuring air pollution using the Air Quality Health Index, replacing the Air Pollution Index that had been in place for 18 years.

63 31.50

8月1日: 強烈熱帶風暴飛燕橫過南海,由於其風圈較廣闊,天文台於其距離香港 660 公里時改發三號強風信號。

Aug 1: Severe Tropical Storm Jebi crossed the South China Sea. Due to its wide coverage, the Observatory issued the No. 3 Strong Wind Signal when it was 660 km from Hong Kong.

52 26.00

10月12日: 曾達相等於五級颶風強度的特強氣旋風暴費林登陸印度東部,其風雨造成該國 45 人死亡。

Oct 12: Very Severe Cyclonic Storm Phailin made landfall at eastern India after weakening from the equivalent of category 5 hurricane strength attained earlier. The associated wind and rain left 45 people dead in the country.

50 25.00

8月: 中太平洋熱帶氣旋 Pewa 及 Unala 相繼橫過國際換日線並進入西太平洋,日本氣象廳對其作出發佈,造成往後聯合颱風警報中心風暴編號落後於氣旋國際編號的現象。

Aug: Central Pacific tropical cyclones Pewa and Unala crossed the International Date Line and entered western Pacific. The JMA issued bulletins on these systems, creating a somewhat rare occurrence of the international cyclone number lagging behind JTWC's storm number.

47 23.50

9月5日: 縱使多區錄得超過每小時 30 毫米雨量,天文台並未發出暴雨警告信號,於是造成今日半天雨量於未曾發出暴雨警告信號下達到 171.5 毫米的奇景。

Sep 5: Although many parts of the territory recorded more than 30 mm/h of rainfall, the Observatory did not issue any rainstorm warning signal. The resulting half-day rainfall was 171.5 mm.

47 23.50

3月5日: 受乾燥偏北氣流影響,香港今天非常乾燥,天文台下午相對濕度跌至 23%,是自 1961 年來三月份第三低,而青衣更曾跌至 6%。

Mar 5: Under the influence of a dry northerly airstream, it was very dry in Hong Kong. The relative humidity at the Observatory dropped to 23% in the afternoon, the third lowest in March since 1961, while Tsing Yi once reached 6%.

41 20.50

3月19日: 受低壓槽影響,華南地區天氣不穩定,天文台發出黃色暴雨警告,香港部分地區有冰雹報告。其後東莞出現龍捲風及冰雹,至少 9 人死亡。

Mar 19: A trough brought unstable weather to southern China. There were reports of hail in Hong Kong. Later, Dongguan was struck by tornado and hailstorm, resulting in at least 9 deaths.

40 20.00

2月: 本港二月異常溫暖,月平均高溫為 22.1 度,而平均氣溫為 19.1 度,分別為有紀錄以來二月份第二及第四最高。

Feb: It was unusually warm in Hong Kong this February. The monthly average maximum temperature is 22.1 degrees and the monthly mean temperature is 19.1 degrees, and are the second and fourth highest on record respectively.

38 19.00

9月12日: 美國太空總署宣布太空探測器航行者一號已經離開了太陽系,成為第一顆進入星際空間的人造物體。

Sep 12: The NASA announced that the Voyager 1 space probe had left the solar system, becoming the first man-made object to reach interstellar space.

38 19.00

10月28日: 一低壓系統橫掃歐洲西北部,丹麥錄得該國破紀錄的最高陣風每小時 194 公里。該風暴於英國、德國、荷蘭、丹麥及法國共造成 18 人死亡及 1 人失蹤。

Oct 28: A low-pressure system unofficially named as the St Jude storm hit northwestern Europe. Denmark recorded the country's record maximum wind gust at 194 km/h during the storm's passage. It resulted in 18 deaths in the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark and France, and another one went missing.

37 18.50

2月15日: 一直徑約 30 米的近地小行星於距地球表面約 27,700 公里外掠過,這為此大小物體靠近地球的最近紀錄。

Feb 15: A near-Earth asteroid with an estimated diameter of about 30 metres came within 27,700 km from the Earth's surface. This distance is a record close approach for a known object of such size.

32 16.00

6月11日: 搭載三名太空人的神舟十號飛船升空,其後神舟十號與天宮一號進行對接,太空人在天宮一號首次進行太空授課。

Jun 11: Shenzhou 10 was launched with three astronauts on board. It later docked with the Tiangong-1 space module, and the astronauts held a space lecture.

32 16.00

2月22日: 廣東河源發生 4.8 級地震,本港超過 100 名市民向天文台報告感到輕微震動,是次地震於香港的烈度為III。

Feb 22: A magnitude 4.8 earthquake struck Heyuan, Guangdong. The HK Observatory received more than 100 reports of felt tremor. The local intensity of this earthquake is III.

29 14.50

5月20及31日: 兩個龍捲風於此兩天先後襲擊美國奧克拉荷馬市附近,造成重大破壞;前者達EF5級,後者雖然後來降至EF3級,但為有紀錄以來最闊的龍捲風 (4.2 公里),並造成三名追風人士死亡。

May 20 and 31: Two tornados affected areas near Oklahoma City, causing widespread damage. The first one was rated EF5; although the second one was rated EF3, it was the widest on record (4.2 km), and resulted in the death of three storm chasers.

29 14.50

12月2日: 嫦娥三號月球探測器發射升空,經過 12 天的航程後於 12 月 14 日帶著月球車「玉兔號」成功軟著陸於月球虹灣著陸區。

Dec 2: The Chang'e 3 lunar probe was launched. The probe, carrying the Jade Rabbit rover, successfully made a 'soft' landing on the Moon on December 14, 12 days after its launch.

29 14.50

6月20日: 印尼亞蘇門答臘的山火產生的煙霧東移至新加坡及馬來西亞,為當地帶來嚴重的空氣污染。

Jun 20: Smoke from Indonesian forest fires in Sumatra increased air pollution in Singapore and Malaysia to hazardous levels.

27 13.50

11月28日: 光科網彗星通過近日點,隨後可見部分物體逃離太陽,但該彗星似乎已解體。

Nov 28: Comet C/2012 S1 (Ison) reached perihelion. A few pieces later emerged from behind the Sun's corona, but the comet had essentially disintegrated.

25 12.50

12月中下旬: 美加東部受冰暴及凍雨侵襲,多倫多出現大範圍停電,鄰近的省份亦受影響,部分市民於黑暗中度過聖誕。

Mid-late Dec: Eastern US and Canada was struck by ice storm and freezing rain, resulting in a blackout at Toronto, Ontario and adjacent provinces. Some residents spent the Christmas without power.

25 12.50

12月18日: 天文台推出「香港自動分區天氣預報」網頁,為各區提供未來七天的每小時預報,並首次引入全港降雨機率。

Dec 18: The HKO launched the 'Automatic Regional Weather Forecast in Hong Kong' webpage, providing hourly forecasts for the next seven days at various locations. For the first time, the chance of rain information was released.

22 11.00

4月20日: 四川省雅安市蘆山縣發生 7.0 級地震,造成接近 200 人死亡。

Apr 20: A 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Lushan County, Sichuan, killing around 200 people.

20 10.00

8月7日: 上海市自 7 月以來受熱浪侵襲,今天最高氣溫 40.8 度,打破當地最高溫度紀錄。

Aug 7: A heat wave had been affecting Shanghai since July. The temperature today reached 40.8 degrees, the highest on record.

20 10.00

1月18日: 英國及愛爾蘭遭受暴雪侵襲,包括倫敦希斯路等大型機場航班升降受影響。

Jan 18: The UK and Ireland were affected by heavy snowfall, leading to disruption to air traffic at major airports including Heathrow.

18 9.00

6月: 多國暴雨成災,其中中、東歐於月初受暴雨影響,北印度於月中的洪災及泥石流導致奪去逾五千人性命,而加拿大亞伯達省月底經歷連場大雨,令當地經歷有史以來 最為嚴重的雨災。

Jun: Floods affected many countries this month, including the European floods that affected central and eastern Europe in early June, the north Indian floods and landslides which killed more than 5,000 in mid-June, and torrential rainfall in Alberta, Canada in late June which was described by the government as the worst in the province's history.

17 8.50

3月27日: 台灣南投發生 6.2 級地震,造成五人死亡。此地震華南多處有感,於香港烈度為III。台灣其後於 6 月 2 日又發生一次達 6.5 級地震,香港再次有感。

Mar 27: Five people were killed in a 6.2 magnitude earthquake that hit Nantou, Taiwan. This earthquake could be felt in many southern Chinese cities; the intensity at Hong Kong was III. Taiwan was struck by another earthquake of magnitude 6.5 on June 2; its tremor again reached Hong Kong.

16 8.00

5月24日: 俄羅斯堪察加半島附近發生8.3級深層地震,遠至七千公里外的莫斯科也有震感,幸而地震並未造成傷亡。

May 24: A deep 8.3 magnitude earthquake occurred off the coast of Kamchatka Peninsula. It was felt in Moscow, at a distance of more than 7,000 kilometres from the epicentre. There were no casualties.

16 8.00

6、7月: 熱帶氣旋貝碧嘉、溫比亞及西馬侖先後於六、七月橫過南海,天文台需發出熱帶氣旋警告信號,但它們對本港的影響相對輕微。

Jun and Jul: Tropical cyclones Bebinca, Rumbia and Cimaron crossed the South China Sea in June and July, necessitating tropical cyclone warning signals. Their influence to Hong Kong was relatively minor.

16 8.00

11月3日: 今天出現一次日全環食,此奇觀可於非洲見到。

Nov 3: A hybrid solar eclipse took place today and was visible in Africa.

16 8.00

8月15日: 美國太空總署表示無法修復開普勒太空望遠鏡的定位系統,其搜尋系外行星任務被逼中止。

Aug 15: The NASA announced that the positioning system of the Kepler space telescope could not be fixed, effectively ending its primary planet-hunting mission.

14 7.00

2月6日: 所羅門群島發生 8.0 級地震,造成 13 人死亡 5 人失蹤,並引發 1.5 米高海嘯。

Feb 6: An 8.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Solomon Islands, leading to 13 deaths and 5 missing. A tsunami of height 1.5 metres was produced.

8 4.00

2月8日: 暴風雪侵襲美加東部,造成大範圍降雪及破壞,不少地區停電,超過五千航班被取消。

Feb 8: A massive blizzard hits eastern US and Canada and caused widespread damage and electricity outage. More than 5,000 flights were cancelled.

4 2.00

9月24日: 巴基斯坦俾路支省發生 7.7 級淺層地震,超過 800 人死亡。

Sep 24: A magnitude 7.7 earthquake hit Balochistan, Pakistan, killing more than 800.

4 2.00

7月22日: 甘肅省發生 6.6 級地震,其後出現多次餘震,地震共造成 95 人死亡。

Jul 22: An earthquake of magnitude 6.6 struck Gansu province and was followed by numerous aftershocks. At least 95 were killed.

3 1.50

Votes for "Others" column: "其他" 欄所填寫之項目

# of votes

12月: 香港本月的氣溫明顯較低,月平均氣溫為 1975 年來最低;但雨量超過正常的三倍,是有紀錄以來 12 月第十最高。

Dec: It was much cooler than normal this month, with the average temperature being the lowest since 1975. However, the monthly rainfall was more than three times the normal figure, this makes it the tenth highest on record.


1月14日: 受溫帶氣旋侵襲,日本首都圈降暴雪,令當地交通陷入大混亂。

Jan 14: A temperate cyclone swept through the Greater Tokyo Area, resulting in heavy snow which caused massive traffic disruption.


9月22日: 颱風天兔侵襲澳門,當地氣象局曾表示於當晚七時前考慮改掛八號風球,但最終並未懸掛,是自 2010 年颱風鮎魚「有50%掛8」以來首次 [?]

Sep 22: Typhoon Usagi was about to strike Macau; the meteorological agency once indicated that they would consider hoisting the #8 Signal by 7 pm, but the signal was not hoisted eventually. This is the first time since the announcement of having 50% chance of hoisting the #8 Signal during Typhoon Megi in 2010 [?].


9月28-30日: 強颱風蝴蝶影響西沙群島,三艘漁船因來不及避風而翻沉,事件造成 62 人死亡。

Sep 28-30: Severe Typhoon Wutip affected the Paracel Islands. Three fishing vessels capsized as a result, leading to 62 deaths.


10月7日: 颱風菲特登陸浙閩交界,成為 1949 年來十月份登陸華東的最強颱風。菲特導致華東地區廣泛暴雨,造成龐大的經濟損失。

Oct 7: Typhoon Fitow made landfall near the Zhejiang-Fujian border, becoming the strongest landfalling typhoon in October at eastern China since 1949. The torrential rain and flooding in eastern China brought by Fitow led to enormous economic loss.


Notes 備註 :

1Each person can select up to 14 events per submission, and can submit only once. Votes in "Others" category have been included. 每人每次可最多投選 14 項事件;每人只可投票一次。投選 "其他" 一欄的票數已計算在內。
2Percentage of total voters. 佔總投票人數的百分比。
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Resources for the Top Three Events 首三名事件有關資源

Here we provide links to the resources related to the top three events in this election. 在這裡我們提供有關選舉中獲得首三名的事件之資料。

[Rank #1 第一位] Super Typhoon HAIYAN reached record strengths; catastrophic damage to the Philippines | 超強颱風海燕達破紀錄強度,菲律賓受災嚴重
[Rank #2 第二位] Severe Typhoon USAGI struck Hong Kong | 強颱風天兔襲港
[Rank #3 第三位] Severe Typhoon UTOR crossed South China Sea and stayed inland for extended periods of time | 強颱風尤特橫過南海,其後於內陸滯留

Finally, we would like to thank all voters for their participation, who together contributed to its success. See you next year!


Image Acknowledgement 相片來源

The following lists the sources of images used in our banner for the election. They are (from left to right):

本年選舉橫幅採用了以下圖片 (由左至右):

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