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2017 年天文、地理及氣象大事選舉

The Poll 關於是次選舉

This is the tenth annual "Astronomical, Geographic and Meteorological Events of the Year" election held by Hong Kong Weather Watch (HKWW). 41 astronomical, geographic and meteorological events during 2017 were selected and voters could cast their votes on up to 14 incidents (i.e. one-third) that, in their opinions, were the most significant. Apart from the selected events, voters could also make use of the "Others" column to suggest events that were not on the list.

In addition to HKWW, seven other meteorological websites also participated in the election by including a link to the voting page in their sites. They include (in alphabetical order):

We would like to thank the above websites for their support in this event, and HKSON for creating the banner.

這是香港天氣觀測站第十年舉辦年度天文、地理及氣象大事選舉。我們於 2017 年發生的天文、地理及氣象事件中挑選出 41 件大事以供投選,而投票人士最多可選出 14 項 (即三份之一) 他們認為該年裡最重要的事件。除了已挑選事件外,投票者亦可利用 "其他" 一欄來投選不在表中的事件。除本站外,還有 7 個與氣象相關的網站參與本選舉,它們均在站內放進投票頁的超連結。該 7 個網站分別為 (以英文字母排序) :

本站在此對上述參與網站致以謝意,亦感謝 HKSON 製作是次選舉所用的橫幅。

Voting Period 投票期

The voting period for this year (2017)'s election lasted for 14 days; it commenced at 00:00 HKT on January 1, 2018 and concluded at 23:59 HKT on January 14, 2018.

2017 年天文、地理及氣象大事選舉的投票期由 2018 年 1 月 1 日 香港時間 00:00 至 2018 年 1 月 14 日 香港時間 23:59,為期 14 天。

Available Events in This Year's Poll 本年度供投選的事件

Please visit here for the events in chronological order.

請按這裡以瀏覽該 41 項事件 (按時間先後排序)。

Results of the Election 選舉結果

In this year's election, six votes (excluding invalid and repeated ones) went to the "Others" column; these are shown in a separate table below. 在本次選舉中,"其他" 一欄共佔六票 (已剔除無效及重複票),詳情請見下表。

Number of voters 投票人數 : 121
Total number of events selected1 總事件選擇數1: 1,220
Average number of events selected per person 人均事件選擇數 : 10.08

In the table below, events are listed in chronological order should ties occur. 在下表中,得票名次相同的事件以發生時間順序排列。

The 41 selected events listed in the voting page: 投票頁顯示之 41 件事件 : [Click here for bar chart (Chinese only) 按此顯示棒形圖]

Due to the frequent tropical cyclone approaches in 2017, the top three events are all related to tropical cyclones. Super Typhoon Hato's visit is the most significant event in 2017, obtaining 113 or 93.39% of the votes. Second-placed Severe Tropical Storm Pakhar's approach garnered 81 or 66.94% of the votes, while Tropical Storm Roke's landfall at Hong Kong came in third at 70 votes or 57.85%.

由於 2017 年熱帶氣旋影響頻繁,本年首三位事件均與熱帶氣旋有關。超強颱風天鴿來襲成為年度大事,共獲得 113 票 (93.39%)。第二位為強烈熱帶風暴帕卡靠近,獲得 81 票 (66.94%),至於熱帶氣旋洛克登陸香港則以 70 票 (57.85%) 得第三位。

# of votes

8月23日: 超強颱風天鴿吹襲珠江口,港澳均發出十號颶風信號。天鴿來襲前,香港天文台於前一日錄得破紀錄高溫 36.6 度。由於時值天文大潮,風暴潮水位異常高漲,兩地低窪地區廣泛水浸;其中澳門災情慘重,更有 10 人喪命,成為當地半世紀以來最嚴重的風災。

Aug 23: Super typhoon Hato battered the Pearl River Estuary on August 23, leading to the issuance of the #10 Hurricane Signal in both Hong Kong and Macau. The HK Observatory registered a record-breaking temperature of 36.6 degrees the day before Hato's arrival. Due to the astronomical high tide, water levels reached extraordinarily high levels during Hato's approach, with widespread flooding in low-lying areas. Hato inflicted severe damage in Macau and led to 10 deaths, making it the most serious tropical cyclone disaster within the enclave in more than 50 years.

113 93.39

8月27日: 強烈熱帶風暴帕卡趨近珠江口以西,港澳兩地再次發出八號烈風或暴風信號。帕卡吹襲時長洲錄得持續風速接近暴風風力上限,而天鴿及帕卡的八號信號相隔只有 3.5 天,是自 1966 年以來相隔時間最短的八號信號。

Aug 27: Severe tropical storm Pakhar came close to the west of the Pearl River Estuary on August 27. The #8 Gale or Storm Signal was again issued in Hong Kong and Macau. During Pakhar's approach, sustained winds at Cheung Chau reached the upper end of the storm force level. The 3.5-day separation between the #8 Signals for tropical cyclones Hato and Pakhar was the shortest since 1966.

81 66.94

7月23日: 熱帶風暴洛克於西貢東郊野公園登陸並橫過香港東北部,天文台發出八號烈風或暴風信號,但風暴吹襲期間本港風勢微弱,八個參考測風站持續風力均於強風程度以下。

Jul 23: Tropical storm Roke made landfall at Sai Kung East Country Park and crossed northeastern Hong Kong. The #8 Gale or Storm Signal was issued, but winds were generally weak during Roke's approach; sustained winds at all eight reference stations were below strong force level.

70 57.85

6月1日: 美國總統特朗普宣布該國將退出旨在限制全球平均氣溫升幅的巴黎協議。

Jun 1: United States president Donald Trump announced that the country would withdraw from the Paris Agreement that aims to limit the rise in global temperatures.

64 52.89

10月15日: 強颱風卡努移入南海北部,天文台發出本年第五個八號烈風或暴風信號,亦是該信號繼去年以來再一次於十月發出。適逢東北季候風到達,卡努於雷州半島快速減弱。

Oct 15: Severe typhoon Khanun entered northern South China Sea. The HK Observatory issued the fifth #8 Gale or Storm Signal this year, the second time the #8 Signal was issued in the month of October in as many years. Due to the arriving northeast monsoon, Khanun weakened quickly at Leizhou Peninsula.

64 52.89

5月24日: 受低壓槽影響,本港有大驟雨及狂風雷暴,天文台發出今年首個黑色暴雨警告信號,當天本港雨量普遍超過 100 毫米,九龍西及青衣更錄得超過 300 毫米雨量。

May 24: Heavy showers and squally thunderstorms associated with a low pressure trough affected Hong Kong. The HK Observatory issued the first Black Rainstorm Warning signal this year. Rainfall across the territory generally totalled more than 100 mm that day, with western Kowloon and Tsing Yi reaching 300 mm.

61 50.41

6月12日: 強烈熱帶風暴苗柏掠過本港東部水域,天文台發出本年首個八號烈風或暴風信號。翌日早上雨勢較大,天文台發出紅色暴雨警告。

Jun 12: Severe tropical storm Merbok skirted the seas in eastern Hong Kong, leading to the issuance of the first #8 Gale or Storm Signal this year. Rain intensified the next morning and the HK Observatory issued the Red Rainstorm Signal.

51 42.15

7月29至30日: 颱風納沙及熱帶風暴海棠於 24 小時內接連登陸台灣,當地同時為兩個熱帶氣旋發出海上陸上颱風警報,是 50 年來首次。受風暴外圍下沉氣流影響,香港天氣悶熱,7 月 30 日天文台錄得平均氣溫 31.8 度,是 7 月份史上其中一個最高紀錄。

Jul 29-30: Typhoon Nesat and tropical storm Haitang made landfall at Taiwan within 24 hours. A sea and land typhoon warning was issued simultaneously for both systems, the first time in 50 years. Affected by the subsidence associated with the cyclones, it was very hot in Hong Kong. A mean temperature of 31.8 degrees was observed at the HK Observatory on July 30, tying for the highest July daily mean temperature on record.

51 42.15

6月13日: 2017 年為香港採用數字颱風信號 100 周年,天文台與香港郵政合作推出以數字颱風信號為主題的郵票。

Jun 13: The year 2017 is the 100th anniversary of the introduction of numbered typhoon signals in Hong Kong. Partnering with the Hongkong Post, the HK Observatory issued commemorative stamps to mark the occasion.

46 38.02

8月6日: 颱風奧鹿登陸九州,隨後橫掃日本南部,多處大雨水浸。奧鹿由形成至轉化為溫帶氣旋共歷時 20 天,成為西北太平洋有史以來第三長壽的熱帶氣旋。

Aug 6: Typhoon Noru made landfall in Kyushu. The storm later battered southern Japan, causing heavy rain and flooding along its path. At 20 days between formation and extratropical transition, Noru became the third-longest-lasting tropical cyclone in the northwestern Pacific on record.

45 37.19

9月及10月初: 九月香港天氣異常炎熱,天文台錄得平均氣溫 29.0 度,成為有紀錄以來其中一個最熱的九月。炎熱天氣於十月初持續,天文台兩度發出酷熱天氣警告,是此警告首次於十月生效。

Sep and early Oct: Hong Kong was exceptionally hot this September with a mean temperature of 29.0 degrees at the HK Observatory, making it one of the hottest September on record. The hot weather persisted in early October and the Very Hot Weather Warning was issued twice. This marked the first issuance of the Warning in October.

45 37.19

8月25日: 颶風哈維登陸美國德州,隨後於內陸停滯,導致侯斯頓一帶廣泛水浸。風暴於美國造成 90 人死亡,經濟損失接近 2000 億美元,成為美國迄今造成最嚴重損失的自然災害。

Aug 25: Hurricane Harvey made landfall at Texas, United States. The storm then stagnated inland, resulting in widespread flooding in areas near Houston. Harvey claimed 90 lives in the US and inflicted about 200 billion US dollars in damage, making this the costliest natural disaster in the country.

42 34.71

1月: 本月香港並未受顯著寒潮影響,天文台錄得平均氣溫 18.5 度,成為有紀錄以來最溫暖的一月。

Jan: With no significant cold surge affecting Hong Kong, the mean monthly temperature at the HK Observatory reached 18.5 degrees, the warmest on record.

37 30.58

7月17至18日: 熱帶氣旋塔拉斯尾後的強風及暴雨影響本港,天文台於 7 月 17 及 18 日共發出 6 次黃色暴雨警告信號,而 17 日晚更曾發出紅色暴雨警告,部分地區兩天內共錄得超過 400 毫米雨量。

Jul 17-18: Enhanced winds and torrential rain in the wake of tropical cyclone Talas affected Hong Kong. The Amber Rainstorm Warning was issued 6 times during July 17 and 18, and the Red Rainstorm Signal was issued in the night of July 17. More than 400 mm of rainfall was recorded in parts of the territory over these two days.

32 26.45

9月: 颶風艾爾瑪及瑪麗亞先後吹襲加勒比海地區,兩者均曾達最猛烈的五級颶風級別,風暴於當地造成數百人死亡。

Sep: Hurricanes Irma and Maria swept across the Caribbean in September. Both storms peaked at category 5, the most intense hurricane category, leading to several hundred deaths in the region.

31 25.62

6月29日: 天文台推出試驗版「延伸展望」預報服務,提供未來 14 天每日最低和最高溫度的概率預報。

Jun 29: The HK Observatory launched the trial version of the Extended Outlook forecast service, providing probability forecasts of daily minimum and maximum temperatures for the next 14 days.

28 23.14

12月底: 熱帶氣旋啟德及天秤接連吹襲菲律賓中南部,引發暴雨及大型泥石流,共造成逾 300 人死亡,經濟損失超過 2 千萬美元。

Late Dec: Tropical cyclones Kai-tak and Tembin made successive landfalls in central and southern Philippines, causing torrential rain and large-scale mudslides. The storms claimed more than 300 lives and $20 million US dollars in damage.

25 20.66

12月18日: 一股冬季季候風影響華南,天文台於 12 月 16 日發出入冬以來首個寒冷天氣警告,並於 18 日錄得最低氣溫 9.8 度。由於年初寒潮較弱,此為本年度的最低氣溫。

Dec 18: A surge of winter monsoon affected southern China. The HK Observatory issued the first Cold Weather Warning this winter on December 16, and recorded a minimum temperature of 9.8 degrees on December 18. As the cold surges early this year were relatively weak, this became the lowest temperature in 2017.

24 19.83

8月21日: 天文台推出試驗版「熱帶氣旋路徑概率預報」服務,提供未來九天熱帶氣旋移動路徑的概率。

Aug 21: The HK Observatory launched the beta version of the Tropical Cyclone Track Probability Forecast service, providing probability forecasts on tropical cyclone tracks for the next 9 days.

23 19.01

8月8日: 四川九寨溝發生 7.0 級地震,造成 25 人死亡、逾 500 人受傷。地震震央靠近九寨溝景區,多處天然歷史景點受損。

Aug 8: A 7.0-magnitude earthquake occurred at Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan, causing 25 deaths and more than 500 injuries. As the scenic area was close to the epicentre, many natural historic sites suffered damage.

22 18.18

8月17日: 雷射干涉引力波天文台 (LIGO) 首次偵測到兩顆中子星合併時所產生的引力波信號,這亦是首次有電磁波信號佐證引力波事件。

Aug 17: For the first time, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) detected the gravitational wave signal produced by the merger of two neutron stars. This is the first such signal confirmed by electromagnetic means.

21 17.36

11月底: 印尼阿貢火山活動於 8 月底漸趨頻繁,更於 11 月底多次爆發,數以萬計民眾撤離,附近機場曾短暫關閉。

Late Nov: Volcanic activities on Mount Agung in Indonesia intensified since August, and several eruptions occurred in late November. Tens of thousands of villagers were evacuated and nearby airports were closed temporarily.

20 16.53

9月3至4日: 強烈熱帶風暴瑪娃吹襲廣東東部,登陸後其路徑西偏,天文台發出三號強風信號,本港有狂風驟雨及雷暴。

Sep 3-4: Severe tropical storm Mawar approached eastern Guangdong. The storm turned west after landfall, leading to the issuance of the #3 Strong Wind Signal in Hong Kong. Squally showers and thunderstorms affected the territory during Mawar's approach.

19 15.70

9月7及19日: 墨西哥南部沿岸海域於 9 月 7 日發生一次 8.2 級地震,是該國有史以來第二最強地震,共造成 98 人死亡、數百人受傷。9 月 19 日,墨西哥中部普埃布拉州發生另一次 7.1 級地震,導致 370 人死亡,當天剛好是造成數千人死亡的 1985 年墨西哥城大地震發生 32 周年紀念。

Sep 7 and 19: A magnitude 8.2 earthquake occurred on September 7 off the southern coast of Mexico, the second strongest in the country's recorded history. The earthquake claimed 98 lives and injured several hundreds. Another earthquake of magnitude 7.1 occurred on September 19 in the Mexican state of Puebla, causing 370 deaths. Coincidentally, this earthquake took place on the 32nd anniversary of the 1985 Mexico City earthquake that claimed thousands of lives.

17 14.05

8月21日: 美國上空出現一次日全食,這是該國大陸自 1979 年來首次能觀賞此奇景。

Aug 21: A total solar eclipse occurred in the United States, making it the first such eclipse visible within the contiguous US since 1979.

16 13.22

10月16日: 已轉化為溫帶氣旋的颶風奧菲莉雅侵襲英國及愛爾蘭等地,愛爾蘭錄得持續風速超過每小時 100 公里,多處出現停電。

Oct 16: Extratropical cyclone Ophelia approached the United Kingdom and Ireland, with sustained winds reaching over 100 km/h and resulting in widespread blackout.

16 13.22

1月初: 歐洲中部及東部受寒潮影響,廣泛地區氣溫下降至攝氏零下 20 度以下。莫斯科溫度更達零下 30 度,該地迎來 120 年來最寒冷的東正教聖誕節。寒潮共造成最少 61 人死亡。

Early Jan: Exceptionally cold weather affected eastern and central Europe, with temperatures reaching -20 degrees Celsius or below. At -30 degrees, Moscow experienced its coldest Orthodox Christmas in 120 years. At least 61 people died in the cold snap.

15 12.40

5月7日: 廣州凌晨時分接連出現暴雨,當局發佈最高暴雨紅色預警,多區出現水浸。黃埔區凌晨至上午 8 時的 8 小時內共錄得約 415 毫米雨量。

May 7: Torrential rain in Guangzhou prompted local agency to issue the highest-level red alert and resulted in flash flooding. Around 415 mm of rain had fallen in the Huangpu district during the 8-hour period from midnight to 8 am.

15 12.40

12月11日: 美國宣布將重啟載人太空探索計劃,再次將太空人送上月球,並為登陸火星的長遠目標訂下基礎。

Dec 11: The United States re-established the foundation for a crewed mission to the Moon, with a longer-term goal of landing a man on Mars.

15 12.40

4月1日: 哥倫比亞莫科阿暴雨觸發泥石流,造成超過 300 人死亡,是當地史上最嚴重的災難。

Apr 1: Mudslide triggered by heavy rain in Mocoa, Colombia killed more than 300; it became the worst catastrophe in Mocoa's history.

13 10.74

6月30日: 伊朗城市阿瓦士錄得 53.7 度高溫,打破該國紀錄。

Jun 30: A temperature of 53.7 degrees Celsius was registered in Ahvaz, Iran, breaking the country's record.

13 10.74

3月30日: 太空探索科技公司首次將先前回收的獵鷹 9 號的第一節推進器發射升空,其後又一次成功回收該火箭,為未來太空探索任務節省成本奠定基礎。

Mar 30: SpaceX relaunched the Falcon 9 first stage previously recovered, and successfully recovered it another time. This formed the basis in further cost savings in future space missions.

12 9.92

6月: 歐洲受熱浪侵襲,葡萄牙溫度上升至 40 度以上,該國多處出現山火。6 月 21 日,英國經歷 40 年來最熱的 6 月,希斯路機場當天錄得最高氣溫達 34.5 度。

Jun: A heat wave struck Europe; temperatures in Portugal exceeded 40 degrees, sparking intense wild fire across the country. On June 21, United Kingdom experienced the hottest June day in 40 years, with the mercury reaching 34.5 degrees at Heathrow Airport.

12 9.92

3月7日: 氣旋埃納弗登陸馬達加斯加,成為 13 年來登陸該地最猛烈的熱帶氣旋,並造成 81 人死亡,另 18 人失蹤。

Mar 7: Cyclone Enawo became the most intense tropical cyclone in 13 years to hit Madagascar, killing 81 and another 18 went missing.

10 8.26

9月15日: 運作接近 20 年後,太空船卡西尼-惠更斯號墮入土星的大氣層內銷毀,正式結束其觀測任務。

Sep 15: After almost 20 years in operation, the Cassini-Huygens space probe officially ended its mission via a controlled fall into Saturn's atmosphere.

10 8.26

11月12日: 伊朗及伊拉克邊境發生 7.3 級地震,伊朗災情較為嚴重,兩國合共 540 人死亡,超過 7 萬人無家可歸。

Nov 12: A 7.3-magnitude earthquake occurred near the Iran-Iraq border, with Iran being the harder hit and a combined death toll of 540. More than 70,000 were made homeless.

9 7.44

3月8日: 於馬爾他的天然石灰岩拱「藍窗」遭受多年的天然侵蝕後,在暴風天氣中完全坍塌入海。

Mar 8: The Azure Window, a heavily-eroded limestone natural arch in Malta, collapsed completely in stormy weather.

8 6.61

10月23日: 颱風蘭恩登陸日本靜岡縣,造成 9 人死亡,東京航空交通亦受影響。

Oct 23: Typhoon Lan made landfall in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan, leading to 9 deaths. Air traffic in Tokyo was affected.

7 5.79

3月28日: 氣旋戴比登陸澳洲昆士蘭州,造成 14 人死亡。戴比其後轉化為溫帶氣旋,其殘餘為紐西蘭帶來大雨。

Mar 28: Cyclone Debbie made landfall in Queensland, Australia, resulting in 14 deaths. Debbie later transformed into an extratropical cyclone and its remnants brought heavy rain to New Zealand.

5 4.13

8月8日: 一次月偏食於亞洲可見,香港於午夜過後可見月球被食去約四分之一的面積。

Aug 8: A partial lunar eclipse was visible in Asia. Observers in Hong Kong were able to see that around 1/4 of the moon's surface was obscured after midnight.

5 4.13

8月14日: 塞拉利昂自由城地區暴雨成災,洪水加上泥石流造成約 500 人喪生。

Aug 14: A mudslide triggered by heavy rain near Freetown, Sierra Leone resulted in around 500 deaths.

1 0.83

Vote(s) for "Others" column: "其他" 欄所填寫之項目

# of votes

10月: 該月並未發出黑色暴雨警告。 [註: 該信號只曾於 2016 年的 10 月發出]

Oct: The Black Rainstorm Warning was not issued during this month. [Note: The Warning was issued only once in October, in the year of 2016.]


10月: 香港首次於 10 月出現熱夜 (即當日最低溫度不少於 28 度);全月共有 4 日熱夜。

Oct: Hot nights (daily minimum temperature reaching 28 degrees) were first observed during the month of October. There were a total of 4 hot nights during the month.


2017年: 全年共有 41 日熱夜,打破於 2015 年錄得的 37 日。

Year 2017: A total of 41 hot nights were observed, breaking the previous record of 37 nights in 2015.


9月5日: 颶風艾爾瑪成為北大西洋最東側的五級颶風。[?]

Sep 5: Hurricane Irma became the easternmost category 5 hurricane on record in northern Atlantic Ocean. [?]


9月5日: 颶風艾爾瑪成為史上首個五級颶風登陸背風群島。

Sep 5: Hurricane Irma became the first category 5 hurricane to make landfall at the Leeward Islands.


9月18日: 颶風瑪麗亞成為史上首個五級颶風登陸多米尼克。

Sep 18: Hurricane Maria became the first category 5 hurricane to make landfall at Dominica.


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Related Information for the Top Three Events 首三名事件相關資訊

Here we provide links to the resources related to the top three events in this election. 在這裡我們提供有關選舉中獲得首三名的事件之資料。

[Rank #1 第一位] Super Typhoon Hato battered the Pearl River Estuary; widespread damage in Macau | 超強颱風天鴿襲珠江口,澳門廣泛受破壞


[Rank #2 第二位] Severe Tropical Storm Pakhar approached southern China | 強烈熱帶風暴帕卡靠近華南


[Rank #3 第三位] Tropical Storm Roke made landfall at Hong Kong, producing weaker winds than expected | 熱帶風暴洛克登陸香港,但風勢較預期弱


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