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Latest news: The results of the election have been released.

Election Results

The results of the election are available here.

The Poll of the Decade

Over the past decade, Hong Kong Weather Watch have been holding annual "Astronomical, Geographic and Meteorological Events" elections. The 2010s have officially come to a close with the arrival of 2020. We are now holding the "Events of the Decade" election for you to recollect the most unforgettable moments between 2010 and 2019.

The events in this poll are selected from the top ten events in the past ten years of the annual election. Due to an imbalance of the number of astronomical, geographic and meteorological events available, the current election is divided into the following four categories:

In each category, ten events with the highest percentages of votes received in the past ten years are listed in the poll.

(The organizer would like to thank HKSON for creating the banner for the election, and MET WARN, Weblog 1097 and Modern Observatory for promoting the event. Banner design is from Freepik.)

Voting Procedures and Other Information

The voting information is as follows:

Voting Page

Voting has concluded on August 15, 2020. The lists of events available are provided in the section "Voting by email" below.

Voting by Email

If you want to vote via email, please send your message to hkwwinfo@gmail.com within the voting period. Use "Events of the Decade Election" as the subject with the following content:

The events on the voting form are as follows; information in parentheses is in the order (Date - Rank in annual election - Percentage of votes obtained).

Hong-Kong-related tropical cyclone events:

Hong-Kong-related other meteorological events:

Meteorological events outside Hong Kong:

Astronomical and geographic events:

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