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The "Astronomical, Geographic and Meteorological Events of the 2010s" Election was held between July 1 and August 15, 2020. Events for this election are chosen from the most significant ones between 2010 and 2019. A total of 137 people participated in the election (with possibly different number of voters in each category of events). The results are as follows:

Hong-Kong-related tropical cyclone events (Number of votersĄG137)
Rank Year Event # votes (%)
2018 Tropical cyclone Mangkhut approached the Pearl River Estuary, necessitating the #10 Hurricane Signal. The damage was particularly serious in Hong Kong. 134 (97.8%)
2017 Tropical cyclone Hato approached the Pearl River Estuary, necessitating the #10 Hurricane Signal in both Hong Kong and Macau. The damage was particularly serious in Macau. 109 (79.6%)
2012 Tropical cyclone Vicente approached the Pearl River Estuary, necessitating the first Hurricane Signal no. 10 in about 13 years in Hong Kong. 87 (63.5%)
4 2016 Tropical cyclones Sarika and Haima affected Hong Kong in succession. The #3 Strong Wind Signal and Black Rainstorm Warning were issued during Sarika's approach, and the #8 Gale or Storm Signal was issued during Haima's approach. 11 (8.0%)
5 2017 Tropical cyclone Pakhar came close to the west of the Pearl River Estuary, necessitating the #8 Gale or Storm Signal. 9 (6.6%)
6 2014 Tropical cyclone Kalmaegi approached southern China and the #8 Gale or Storm Signal was issued. 8 (5.8%)
7 2013 Tropical cyclone Usagi hit southern China; the HK Observatory issued the No. 8 Gale or Storm Signal. 6 (4.4%)
8 2010 Tropical cyclone Megi traversed the Philippines and turned towards southern China. The #3 Strong Wind Signal was issued. 5 (3.6%)
9 2019 Tropical cyclone Wipha crossed northern South China Sea, necessitating the #8 Gale or Storm Signal. 4 (2.9%)
10 2011 Tropical cyclone Nesat approached southern China and the #8 Gale or Storm Signal was issued. 3 (2.2%)

Hong-Kong-related other meteorological events (Number of votersĄG137)
Rank Year Event # votes (%)
2016 An intense surge of northeast monsoon reached southern China. A minimum air temperature of 3.1 degrees was recorded at the HK Observatory. At Tai Mo Shan, a low of -6.0 degrees was recorded and there were reports of freezing rain and ice pellets. 117 (85.4%)
2014 Torrential rain in the evening affected most of Hong Kong. The Black Rainstorm Warning was issued. The roof damage at Festival Walk rendered the shopping mall an indoor waterfall. 85 (62.0%)
2010 Sand and dust affected Hong Kong, with the air pollution indices in many districts reaching 500, the upper limit of the index scale. 33 (24.1%)
2018 Hong Kong experienced an abnormally hot and sunny spell in the latter half of May, with temperatures reaching 33 degrees every day. 33 (24.1%)
5 2019 The air temperature of 11.4 degrees at the HK Observatory was the lowest in the year. It was the only "cold day" in 2019. 31 (22.6%)
6 2016 The HK Observatory issued the first ever Amber Rainstorm Warning in January. 22 (16.1%)
7 2019 The winter of 2018/19 was the warmest on record. In particular, the three days from February 6 to 8 were the warmest second, third and fourth days of the lunar new year. 19 (13.9%)
8 2010 The mercury dipped to a minimum of 5.8 degrees at the HK Observatory, and -3 degrees at Tai Mo Shan with reports of frost. 12 (8.8%)
9 2018 A prolonged period of cold weather affected Hong Kong. The minimum temperature at the HK Observatory was below 10 degrees for 9 consecutive days. 11 (8.0%)
10 2010 Affected by thunderstorms and heavy rain, a total of 13102 cloud-to-ground strikes were recorded within an hour in Hong Kong, breaking the previous record. 9 (6.6%)

Meteorological events outside Hong Kong (Number of votersĄG133)
Rank Year Event # votes (%)
2013 Tropical cyclone Haiyan was estimated to have a wind speed of 170 knots as it hit central Philippines. 93 (69.9%)
2018 Tropical cyclone Jebi struck central Japan, flooding the Kansai International Airport. Two days later, a magnitude 6.6 earthquake struck Hokkaido. 57 (42.9%)
2019 The average nationwide temperature in Australia surged to a record-breaking 40.9 degrees amidst a heat wave, exacerbating the wildfires raging across the country. 49 (36.8%)
4 2017 United States president Donald Trump announced that the country would withdraw from the Paris Agreement. 33 (24.8%)
5 2018 Japan was hit by extreme weather events such as torrential rain and heat wave during the month. Tropical cyclone Jongdari crossed Japan from east to west in late July, a rare tropical cyclone track for the country. 26 (19.5%)
6 2012 Tropical cyclone Sandy made landfall at Atlantic City. Its wide wind radius inflicted severe damage in major cities including New York. 25 (18.8%)
7 2012 Tropical cyclone Bopha made landfall at the Philippines as a category 5 super typhoon. The storm formed at a low latitude and was one of the closest to the equator at category 5 strength on record. 20 (15.0%)
8 2014 The remnants of tropical cyclone Nuri intensified into a powerful extratropical cyclone. It resulted in a blocking high over northern America, and led to freezing temperatures being recorded in every US state on November 18. 18 (13.5%)
9 2014 No tropical cyclone formed within the northwest Pacific Ocean during the month, setting a record. 15 (11.3%)
10 2015 Tropical cyclone Soudelor made landfall at Taiwan, leading to record-breaking wind speeds at various stations. 11 (8.3%)

Astronomical and geographic events (Number of votersĄG134)
Rank Year Event # votes (%)
2011 A magnitude 9.0 earthquake occurred off the coast of eastern Japan, initiating a tsunami and resulted in radiation leakage at the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. 111 (82.8%)
2019 Scientists at the Event Horizon Telescope project released the first ever photograph of the event horizon of a black hole, that at the centre of the M87 galaxy. 50 (37.3%)
2019 A magnitude 1.4 earthquake occurred at Cheung Chau, the first within Hong Kong since 2014. 50 (37.3%)
4 2012 The last transit of Venus in this century took place today. The weather was fine in Hong Kong and the event was generally visible. 30 (22.4%)
5 2010 A magnitude 8.8 earthquake occurred in Chile. The tsunami produced affected a number of countries and regions in the Pacific. 24 (17.9%)
6 2010 A magnitude 2.8 earthquake occurred in Deep Bay. It was felt in Hong Kong and was estimated to be of intensity IV on the Modified Mercalli Scale, with vibration similar to a heavy truck passing by. 22 (16.4%)
7 2013 A meteor broke up in the vicinity of the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia, injuring many. 17 (12.7%)
8 2010 A magnitude 7.0 earthquake occurred in Haiti, killing more than 200,000. 16 (11.9%)
9 2018 The eruption of the Krakatoa volcano in Indonesia triggered a tsunami that swept across the Sunda Strait. 13 (9.7%)
10 2010 A magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit Yushu, Qinghai. A rescue volunteer from Hong Kong died in an aftershock. 10 (7.5%)

Finally, we would like to thank you all for your support. (Images designed by vectorpouch / Freepik)

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