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Solar Information for Major Cities 世界各大城市太陽資訊

This application describes in detail the information of the Sun at this instant for major cities in the World, including:

  • Basic geographic information of the city/town selected 該地基本地理資料;
  • Times of different solar events, including sunrise, sunset, solar transit and different types of twilights;
  • Position of the sun using horizontal, equatorial and ecliptic coordinate systems;
  • Sidereal time 恆星時;
  • Plots of azimuth and altitude 太陽高度角和方位角的圖表;
  • Plot of the sky (celestial sphere) observed at that location 該地所見的天球; and 及
  • Plot of sunrise/sunset times for the year 全年日出日落時間圖.

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2. Then select a city/town 然後選擇城市/市鎮:

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