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Active Tropical Cyclone(s) 正活躍之熱帶氣旋

Current TC Map 即時氣旋資訊Current TC information

Tropical Cyclone Report 熱帶氣旋報告

1. Tropical Storm KOINU :: 熱帶風暴 小犬

Basic System Profile :: 系統基本資料
Name and Classification of System :: 系統名稱和級別 JTWC Number :: JTWC 編號 Int'l Number :: 國際編號 Bulletin Number :: 發佈編號
Tropical Storm KOINU :: 熱帶風暴 小犬 14W 2314 2
Time of Report :: 報告時間 Time of Observation :: 觀測時間 Position :: 位置
2023/09/30, 22:15 HKT (14:15 UTC) 2023/09/30, 20:00 HKT (12:00 UTC) 16.3°N, 130.8°E
Maximum Gusts :: 最高陣風 1-min. Average Winds :: 一分鐘平均風速 10-min. Average Winds :: 十分鐘平均風速
50 knots 節 (93 km/h 公里每小時) 40 knots 節 (74 km/h 公里每小時) 35 knots 節 (65 km/h 公里每小時)
SL Pressure :: 海平面氣壓 Past 6-hr Movement :: 過去六小時移動趨勢 Area(s) Currently Affected :: 現時影響地區
996 hPa 百帕斯卡 NNW 西北偏北 (342°)
6 knots 節 (12 km/h 公里每小時)
N/A :: 不適用
Tropical Cyclone Classification Scale :: 熱帶氣旋分級
Satellite and Analysis Images :: 衛星雲圖及分析圖
Satellite image (1)
衛星雲圖 (1)
Satellite image (2)
衛星雲圖 (2)
Satellite image (3)
衛星雲圖 (3)
500mb Geopotn. Hgt.
500 百帕位勢高度
Steering Flow
Vertical Wind Shear
HKWW Forecast Track and Intensities :: 本站預測路徑及強度

HK Time
1-min Average Strength
Distance/Bearing from HK
t+009/30 (Sat) 20:0016.3°N130.8°ENW 西北 (324°) 14 km/h40 kt (74 km/h)TS 熱帶風暴ESE 東南偏東 1866 km
t+1210/01 (Sun) 08:0017.5°N129.9°ENW 西北 (325°) 14 km/h45 kt (83 km/h)TS 熱帶風暴ESE 東南偏東 1727 km
t+2410/01 (Sun) 20:0018.7°N129.0°ENW 西北 (314°) 12 km/h55 kt (102 km/h)STS 強烈熱帶風暴ESE 東南偏東 1594 km
t+3610/02 (Mon) 08:0019.6°N128.0°EWNW 西北偏西 (292°) 12 km/h65 kt (120 km/h)TY (Cat. 1) 一級颱風E 東 1466 km
t+4810/02 (Mon) 20:0020.1°N126.7°EWNW 西北偏西 (284°) 12 km/h75 kt (139 km/h)TY (Cat. 1) 一級颱風E 東 1320 km
t+7210/03 (Tue) 20:0020.7°N124.1°EW 西 (277°) 12 km/h90 kt (167 km/h)TY (Cat. 2) 二級颱風E 東 1042 km
t+9610/04 (Wed) 20:0021.0°N121.4°EW 西 (266°) 12 km/h105 kt (194 km/h)TY (Cat. 3) 三級颱風E 東 760 km
t+12010/05 (Thu) 20:0020.8°N118.6°EN/A105 kt (194 km/h)TY (Cat. 3) 三級颱風ESE 東南偏東 487 km
System Description and Analysis :: 系統描述和分析
System Overview :: 系統總覽

14W has intensified into a tropical storm, and was named KOINU. The storm is also turning north-northwest. At 8 pm, KOINU was centred about 1070 kilometres (580 nautical miles) east of Manila.

14W 已增強為熱帶風暴,被命名為小犬。風暴亦正轉向西北偏北移動。在下午 8 時,小犬集結於馬尼拉以東約 1070 公里 (580 海里)。
Tropical Cyclone Naming :: 氣旋命名

KOINU is the fifth name in the tropical cyclone name list. It was contributed by Japan, meaning the constellation Canis Minor (puppy). This name replaced TEMBIN which caused severe damage to the Philippines in 2017.

小犬為熱帶氣旋名稱列表中第 5 個名字,由日本提供,意思為小犬座。此名替代曾於 2017 年在菲律賓造成嚴重破壞的天秤。
Track Analysis :: 路徑分析

A weakness is forming in the subtropical ridge north of KOINU. The storm is expected to move northwest in the next 24 to 36 hours. However, now it becomes more likely that the ridge will strengthen shortly afterwards, allowing KOINU to take a westerly turn. There is some uncertainty on its future track but a persistent movement towards the west after t+72 seems a plausible outcome.

一個弱點正於小犬以北的副熱帶高壓脊形成,預料風暴會於未來 24 至 36 小時向西北移動。但是,現時估計副高較大機會在不久後再度增強,令小犬西轉。72 小時後的移動趨勢仍有一定變數,但風暴似乎將能以維持其偏西路徑。
Intensity Analysis :: 強度分析

KOINU's convections are still displaced, but they are also developing closer to its centre now. The storm will enjoy very warm seas with improved upper level outflow, and is expected to intensify despite the persistent vertical wind shear. It will very likely become a typhoon as it approaches the Luzon Strait or Taiwan.

Effects on Hong Kong :: 對香港的影響

Subsidence associated with KOINU will result in very hot and hazy weather in Hong Kong mid-week next week.

Next Update Expected :: 預計下次更新

2023/10/01 (Sun 日)
Forecast Tracks Issued by Official Agencies :: 官方氣象台預測路徑
JTWC 聯合颱風警報中心 JMA 日本氣象廳 HKO 香港天文台 Multi-Agency 多個氣象台
Statistical Model-Based TC Signal Probabilities :: 基於統計模型之熱帶氣旋警告信號機率
N/A 不適用

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